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The Lost Man Booker Prize 2010

The Lost Man Booker Prize 2010

The Lost Man Booker Prize was a one-off prize to honour the books that missed out on the opportunity to win the Booker Prize in 1970. In 1971, just two years after it began, the Booker Prize ceased to be awarded retrospectively and became a prize for the best novel of the year of publication. At the same time the award moved from April to November, resulting in a wealth of fiction published for much of 1970 not being considered for the prize.

In 2008, 40 years on, a panel of three judges - all of whom were born in or around 197O - was appointed to select a shortlist of six novels from that year. They were poet and novelist Tobias Hill, television newsreader, Katie Derham and the journalist and critic, Rachel Cooke. 

The winner of the Lost Man Booker Prize was J.G. Farrell with Troubles. His family accepted a designer-bound copy of the novel on his behalf.

The Winner


Major Brendan Archer travels to Ireland - to the Majestic Hotel and to the fiancée he acquired on a rash afternoon’s leave three years ago. Despite her many letters, the lady herself proves elusive, and the Major’s engagement is short-lived. But he is unable to detach himself from the alluring discomforts of the crumbling hotel.

Ensconced in the dim and shabby splendour of the Palm Court, surrounded by gently decaying old ladies and proliferating cats, the Major passes the summer. So hypnotic are the faded charms of the Majestic, the Major is almost unaware of the gathering storm. But this is Ireland in 1919 - and the struggle for independence is about to explode with brutal force.

The Shortlist

The Longlist