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Mend the Living

Mend the Living

Translated by Jessica Moore

Published by Maclehose Press

Early one blustery day near Le Havre, three teenagers head down to the sea together to go surfing. They are old friends: Chris, Johan and Simon. But life will never be the same again. A terrible accident rips them apart, and while Chris and Johan escape with only a few broken bones, Simon ends up in a coma and on life-support. Meanwhile, in Paris, Claire Mejan is desperately waiting for a heart transplant. Suffering from myocarditis, a transplant offers her the only chance for survival. As Simon’s parents face a heart-breaking decision, Simon and Claire’s lives will be fatefully joined.

Maylis de Kerangal is the author of several novels and short stories. Her novel Naissance d’un Pont, translated as Birth of a Bridge, won both the Prix Franz Hessel and Prix Médicis in 2010. Mend the Living was published in French in 2014 and won the Grand Prix RTL-Lire award and the Student Choice Novel of the Year from France Culture and Télèrama.  She lives in Paris. 

Jessica Moore is an author and translator. Her book of poems, Everything, now, is partly a conversation with her translation of Turkana Boy by Jean-François Beauchemin, for which she won a PEN America Translation Award. Jessica’s translation of Birth of a Bridge by Maylis de Kerangal has received widespread praise. She lives in Montreal.